Resonance Design: Consultations in English

The vibrational fields of our earthly experience are permeated and harmonized by an intrinsic, holistic framework we call resonance design.

When we are able to perceive the fundamental patterns of existence, the unseen structures that influence our lives are revealed.

When we understand resonance design and our place in it, we can access the personal alchemy that expands our vision and unveils the Self.

This heightened awareness can inform our decisions about home, work, family, relationships, health and much more.

And when it is used in an intuitive and cognitive process, resonance design creates energetic spaces of transformation and evolution, and thus sacred spaces.

Creating sacred spaces

Resonance Design for your home, workplace, healing center, or community

Our practice of Resonance Design is based upon feng shui – the ancient Chinese system of environmental architecture and design – and incorporates elements of Geobiology, Temple Making and Personal Alchemical DesignTM.

Our in-depth analysis and personal consultations help you align the spaces you inhabit with your goals and intentions, activating powerful energies, removing obstacles, applying cures, and harmonizing personal and environmental factors to maximize your creative potential.

We offer consultations for:

  • Houses and apartments
  • Healing spaces (holistic health centers, clinics, etc.)
  • Places of worship
  • Offices and commercial spaces
  • Communities and ecovillages

Consultations are available in English via Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

Our fees depend on the size and complexity of your space, the number of people who live or work there, the level of detail you want to achieve, and your specific goals.

Please contact us for more information and a time and cost estimate.

Personal discovery and guidance

Personal Alchemical DesignTM

A unique application of resonance design analysis to the individual, Personal Alchemical Design is an integrated reading to promote your personal and spiritual development, combining Personal Feng Shui, Solar Astrology, Taoist Astrology and Karmic Astrology.

Exemplo da tabela de feng shui pessoal de uma pessoa do Grupo Leste, elemento Água.
  • Observe and understand the recurring patterns in your personality, relationships and life direction.
  • Identify personal strengths to develop, and pitfalls to avoid.
  • Learn how to transmute stagnations and limiting patterns.
  • Build harmony in your intimate relationships.
  • Discover new talents and hidden opportunities.
  • Align your inner and outer Self to achieve your life goals.
  • Consultations are available for individuals and couples.

Consultations for individuals and couples are available in English via Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

When you book a Personal Alchemical Design consultation, you will provide your birth date (and your partner’s birth date if it’s a couples consultation.)

Duration: 90 minutes, plus 90 minutes of preparation


Personal discovery and guidance

Quantum Tarot

An individual reading that combines traditional Celtic Tarot, Twelve Ray Tarot, and Soul Cards, designed to broaden your vision of the challenges and opportunities in your life. It includes an alchemical healing process using crystal polyhedra and transmuting visualizations.

The Quantum Tarot Reading can be done independently or in combination with a consultation in Personal Alchemical Design.

Consultations are available in English via Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

Duration: 90 minutes

$ 108


Gift certificates

A thoughtful, unique and empowering present for your loved ones.

Personal Alchemical DesignTM      $216

Quantum Tarot   $108

Zaida Amaral

Principal, Resonance Design

Zaida Amaral is a Brazilian architect specializing in Chinese environmental architecture (feng shui), ecovillage design and facilitating projects for community resilience and sustainability.

As a child, she absorbed spiritual teachings from her grandmother, beginning a lifelong exploration of the relationships between the visible and invisible realms. In 1998, she left her career in architecture and design and embarked on a pilgrimage through North and South America. Today she lives in a spiritual community and ecovillage in the Atlantic Rainforest region of Brazil.

She conducts consultations in Resonance Design, Personal Alchemical DesignTM, and Quantum Tarot throughout Brazil and the United States, in person and online.